The Grim Tower – Helios Forsaken album review
January 2016 | Eric May

… these guys offer their own take on a familiar sound, which might just find it’s way deep into your consciousness.


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Progpraat! (Holland) – Helios Forsaken album review
January 2016 | Rinco Ennema

Gorgeous, multilayered album with a fine line between dark and light, technically perfect and complete sense when you have listened to him once.


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Jazz-square (Russia) – Helios Forsaken album review

November 2015 | Leonid Auskern


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 – Helios Forsaken album review
December 2015 |Marcel Hartenberg


This truly is an album to explore, as each and every single time listening to the six tracks sheds new light on them and has you experience the musical journey quite differently from the time before. Music as an adventure. You might wonder if 14-minute tracks can be interesting if you hear them several times, yet let me tell you, this album is very much worth your while if you like your menu based on experimental and (over-) long tracks that go hand-in-hand with more than mere decent playing.

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November 2015 | Alex


This recording is a must-hear album of 2015, as it comes with a strong structure and plenty of untried elements. Their songs are pretty lengthy, but no matter of that the band is capable of taking you into their world by spellbounding sound which doesn’t make you feel bored in any moment.

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Vergeinigt mity Progressive Newsletter (German) – Helios Forsaken album review
November 2015 | HENRIK KROPP


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Manchester Rocks – Helios Forsaken album review
October 2015 | Annie Grossmann


 The close encounter of psychedelic rock with stoner and avantgarde opens new horizons. Finishing up this magnificent recording of six songs is the title track, and another winner. With its 14-odd minutes, the band shows no fear or fatigue. They march on even harder, pouring out creativity all over again.

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Progarchy – Helios Forsaken album review
October 2015 | Nick

The album itself is a deep ethereal masterpiece, with vocals, courtesy of Brendan Zwaan (who also plays guitar and does it very well), that hit a range of notes with precision and grace (listen to his stunning vocal performance on vocals-only “Mirrors Have No Memory”).

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The Moshville Times – Helios Forsaken album review
October 2015 | Progger


In these six songs Shepherds of Cassini present all its skills, and there are so many of them. These four guys create music in its most complex and most enjoyable form. With “Helios Forsaken” they offer a tremendous work that takes you in their world, and once you are there you will not want to get out.

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Prog Archives – Helios Forsaken album review
October 2015 | JohnNicholson


With ‘Helios Forsaken’ Shepherds of Cassini gave another homework both for themselves and the scene itself. This band is a genre per se. Quality, innovation, bravery, ambition and love towards music erupt from every tone. This is a band that certainly has quality and potential to become one of the leaders of the new generation progressive metal bands.

Read full review – Helios Forsaken album review
October 2015 | Annie Grossmann


From the beginning all the way to the album’s closing piece there are striking psychedelic rhythms placed along the progressive rock trajectory. The employment of brutal and clean vocals accompanied with the predominantly instrumental sound will stamp the Shepherds of Cassini name as one of the band’s that created something creatively challenging and interesting in 2015.

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The Pit of the Damned (Italy) – Helios Forsaken album review
September 2015

What immediately strikes the ears is a proposal that moves between the progressive rock (the Porcupine Tree), that a System of a Down (especially vocally), already highlighted the vein oriental echoes of Tool, and circus acts , entrusted the unpredictable violin Felix Lun, the pulse space of low Vitesh Bava, the acrobatic guitar riffs Brendan Zwaan and explosive drumming of Omar Al-Hashimi.

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Recyclable Sounds (Russia) – Helios Forsaken album review
August 2015 | 


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Rate Your Music (Gallifrey’s music) – Helios Forsaken album review
August 2015 | Gallifrey

On the whole, it’s evident that Helios Forsaken is an improvement over the band’s debut record, and for those who crave more Indukti this may just scratch your itch enough…

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August 2015 | TONYMCDONALD

The heavy drums by Omar Al-Hashimi will definitely explode your speakers given the chance, and I recommend you turn it up loud. The guitar sound, riffs and style is quite phenomenal too, setting this band apart from other metal bands.

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Prog Archives – Shepherds of Cassini album review
April 2014 | Kev Rowland


…it was only on the third time through that it started to make sense. From there on in every play has just cemented my view that this is an incredible piece of work in so many ways.

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Amazon  – Shepherds of Cassini album reviews

Possibly the best album from a new band i’ve heard all year. Don’t know whats in the Auckland water,but parts of this album are profoundly psychedelic & mesmerizing.  Highly recommended for all space cadets & anyone interested in adventurous,atmospheric rock music.

Read reviews – Shepherds of Cassini album review
2013 |  Nityanand P

The addition of a violin as a major instrument in the band’s arsenal is quite a handy ace as well. While it can often blend with the guitar, when it does stand out, like on “Asomatous Pendula I” for example, it just evokes a mood that is ethereal and haunting.

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NZ Musician – Shepherds of Cassini album review
October / November 2013 | Westley Holdsworth

…there’s some technically advanced musicianship on display here but more importantly there are great songs too. So to summarise, it’s fusion but not shit. 

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The Pit of the Damned (Italy) – Shepherds of Cassini album review
October 2013

Notturni, inquietanti e ipnotici, la presenza di uno spettrale violino enfatizza tutti gli umori che i nostri vogliono trasmettere;io gli Shepherds of Cassini li adoro già.

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Cheese On Toast (New Zealand) – Shepherds of Cassini album review
September 2013 | Andrew Tidball


…with layer upon layer of gorgeous musicianship on this record it’s hard to not be impressed. Shepherds of Cassini offer wonderful contrasts between light and dark which make this record a most satisfying meal and definitely one I’d recommend emersion in.

Read full review – Shepherds of Cassini album review
August 2013 | ALISTAR3000

This is really an album that deserves to be listened to from start to finish, rather than picking out individual tracks (although my favourite The Silent Cartographer, would stand pretty well on its own I think); it’s the experience of the whole that matters here…

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