Past Shows


06 July @ The Lucha Lounge, Auckland
…with Mean Girlz, Drop Dead Red Head, It Hurts

08 August @ Kings Arms, Auckland
…with Karaoke Taxi, Lost Rockets, HDSPNS
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06 September @ Wine Cellar, Auckland
…with Hide and Tallow, Arty

20 October @ The Rising Sun, Auckland
…with Mice On Stilts, Outrun The Buffalo

31 October @ Psychedelloween – Kings Arms, Auckland
…with Alchemy, Karaoke Taxi, Mice On Stilts

24 November @ Cafe Eutopia, Kaiwaka
…with Hide and Tallow, Andy Griffiths

05 December @ Kings Arms, Auckland
…with Lion Eyes, H D S P N S, Mice on Stilts

14 December @ Cassette Nine, Auckland
…with Alizarin Lizard, Brown, Space Creeps
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15 December @ Scarlett Lashes’ Party, Auckland
…with Jack’s Cold Sweat (and almost Grrlfriendz)

27 December @ Bean Lab, Auckland (private party)
…with Mo & Sherif, The One-Off (Omar, Mo, Seamus & Poyan), 3 Little Pubes

29 December @ Kings Arms, Auckland
…with Cripple Mr Onion, El Schlong, Resporn


12 January @ Chronophonium 2013, Tangihua Forest
…with many other artists

07 February @ Kings Arms, Auckland
…with The Bonzai Birds, Greenfog

09 February @ The Lucha Lounge, Auckland
…with Jack’s Cold Sweat, Stone Willow and Stone The Crows

15 March @ UFO, New Lynn, Auckland
…with Jackal, SinKara, Psychle

16 March @ Mavericks, Glenfield
…with Dollhouse, Troy and Nadav

09 May @ Kings Arms (Tool (un)official after party)
…with Jackal

11 May @ Shadows (Mixtape Club gig), Auckland
…with Masses, Blind Tiger

24 May @ Nature: Art + Design gallery, Auckland
… with Mark Bizarre, Dying Of The Light, Diamond Fist Willie, The Purple Rose, Vostok Lake

14 June @ Juice Bar, Auckland
…with Psychle, SinKara

28 July @ Kings Arms staff party, Auckland
… with other bands

21 August @ Freak The Sheep on 95bfm
… radio interview/performance

23 August @ Real Groovy Auckland
… in-store live performance to promote début album

24 August @ Backbeat (Album Release party), Auckland
… with Zane Lazos, Hide and Tallow

14 September @ Whammy Bar (Fusion Bizarre), Auckland
… with Zane Lazos, Chewy Wilson, Bex Wilson, Monica Evans, Candice Frankland, Serpentine

12 October @ The Dogs Bollix, Auckland
… with Chuck Norris, The Altered States, Poison Skies, Future Theft

02 November @ Halloween House party in Wellington


08 March @ Whammy Bar (The 67th Night), Auckland
… with Husk, Mice on Stilts, Bridge, Hide & Tallow, Greenfog

09 March @ Wine Cellar, Auckland
… with Erica Freas, Future Theft, The Prophet Motive

19 April @ Kings Arms, Auckland
… with Quinn The Human, Jackal, Undiscovered Moons Of Saturn

16th May @ The Winchester, Auckland
… with Steven Hood, Albi, Greenfog, The Echo Ohs, The Lowest Fidelity, Royal Falcon

17th May @ The Lucha Lounge, Auckland
… with Streetlight Riot NZ, Forgotten Generation, The Lurch

28th June @ Valhalla, Wellington
… with Ovus, Akashic Index

 26th July @ The Lucha Lounge, Auckland
… with Remote, Kaizen, Trash City Victims

8th August @ Kings Arms, Auckland
… with His Master’s Voice

6th September @ Kings Arms, Auckland
… with Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing, Bloodnut, Undiscovered Moons Of Saturn

18th October @ Lucha Lounge, Auckland
… with No Broadcast, Proton Beast, The Shocking and Stunning

24th October @ Backbeat, Auckland
… with Freaky Meat, Bridge, DJ Romantech

21st November @ Wine Cellar, Auckland
… with Into Orbit, Undiscovered Moons Of Saturn


30th January @ Altitude Bar & Nightclub, Hamilton
… with Medusa Glare, His Master’s Voice

21st February @ Kings Arms,  Auckland
… with Mice On Stilts, Greenfog

08 May @ Backbeat, Auckland
… with Echolypse, Arcane Construct

30 May @ Cavern Club (private party), Wellington

10 July @ Real Groovy Auckland, Auckland
… in-store live performance to promote the release of Helios Forsaken

11th July @ Backbeat (Album Release Show), Auckland
… with Saturnian Noise Collective, Hide and Tallow

11th September @ Kings Arms, Auckland
… with His Master’s Voice, Blackleaf Gardens

24th October @ Wine Cellar & Whammy Bar (Kosmogoniafest), Auckland
… with Son of Sun, Hide and Tallow, Skinny Hobos, Deathbeam, Quinn the Human, Greenfog, Reaving

20th November @ Kings Arms, Auckland
… with Mothra, Proton Beast, Mice on Stilts


6th February @ Kings Arms
… with Hunt the Witch, Deathbeam

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