NZ Musician | Author Ania Glowacz
August / September 2015 Edition

… this music is so epic and beautiful, apart from the home/headphones option, the ideal is totally experiencing this music live. (Their Auckland album launch mid-July) was a sell-out, the crowd refusing to let them leave the stage until their repertoire was fully exhausted.) This band is unique, and not just for their prog-rock appropriate name and sound. There’s a magic happening here, and the exquisite sounds and melodies pouring forth from Felix’s violin just seals the deal. 

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95 bfm Freak The Sheep
August 2013


A recording of Shepherds Of Cassini’s interview and live performance during their album release week.


NZ Musician Fresh Talent | Author Dedee Wirjapranata
December 2012  / January  2013 Edition

It was a fortuitous bit of late night listening that led me to discover Shepherds of Cassini. Having met bassist Vitesh through a mutual friend I was finally checking out the link he’d sent me weeks earlier. It was after midnight, the lights were out, seemed the perfect time to squeeze one more track in.

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